Opportunities in the Order



The Order of the Arrow and more specifically Echockotee Lodge is rich with opportunities to give service while at the same time reaping the benefits of leadership and character development. With so much to do, how do you narrow it down to something that you would most enjoy and benefit from? More importantly, why would you want to do any more work that you would have to at a Scouting event than necessary by taking on the burden of a position of leadership or committee member?


There are more than twenty committees in Echockotee Lodge and virtually numerous opportunities for everyone. There are committees in administration such as Membership and Camping Promotions for those who are more of the administrative types, and then there are also committees based on program during the fellowships like Activities, American Indian Events (AIA), and Ceremonies. With so many committees to work on, it is easy to find something that everyone will enjoy. The biggest question and problem Arrowmen have with joining these committees that they may enjoy is how to get involved. The Lodge Officers of Echockotee have planned for this with something called the “Arrowmen Guide”, which is published each year and given out to all first year Arrowmen following their ordeal ceremonies. This contains contact information for every single committee chairman and advisor so everyone interested can talk to them and hopefully get involved.


As well as committees, there are positions in every chapter that need Arrowmen like you to join and take charge to help for success. There are the big offices like Chapter Chief and Vice Chief for those who are willing to spend time to be administrative to help their chapter grow in membership, be spirited at fellowships, and help chapter and lodge events progress properly. However, there are also somewhat smaller roles such as secretary and historian for one who wants to get more involved, but can’t commit quite as much time. A great benefit about chapter officers is that they’re elected every year at Summer Fellowship and anyone can be nominated. So, if you’re just joining the Order and ebullient about getting involved, run for chapter office and show the lodge how amazing and spirited the best of your district’s Scouts are!


As shown, there are innumerable ways in which people can get involved in the Order of the Arrow at the lodge level, but the big question for some people is “Why would I want to burden myself with the position of an officer, committee chairman or member?” The answer is simple actually; doesn’t everyone want to find a place where they can truly excel? Don’t all of us secretly or unconsciously want to find our place in society, a job that we love and can do well? By serving as a committee member, committee chairman, chapter officer, or lodge officer and giving it your all, you as a member of the Order of the Arrow, you can find a new hobby, talent, future career. Through the Order of the Arrow and all of the real-world activities that a lodge participates in, – we balance a $40,000 budget for crying out loud – everyone can find something. So, I encourage you to seek out a committee, something that interests you at our next lodge event. Who knows? You may find something that you really enjoy doing. Take an active step while you’re still a youth, join a committee, run for chapter or lodge office, do something. Don’t let this unique opportunity pass you by.