The Order in a Larger Picture



It is obvious that being a member of the Order of the Arrow is a high honor, as we are considered to be the best scouting has to offer. As a result, we are given the opportunity to serve cheerfully to help our fellows through their endeavors in scouting and through life. Because we are members elected by our peers, the induction is also symbolic of their will for you to reach higher limits than any would have ever thought possible. This is what makes electing candidates into the Order of the Arrow so difficult. Some may think, “Who am I to prevent someone from being introduced to an organization where he can grow and gain substantial leadership ability and experience through service?” Within a scouting unit, every single member has the power to control his peers’ opportunities. Now being a part of the Order, you have been given the chance, the opportunity, the challenge to gain as much experience as possible. In previously discussing opportunities within the Order of the Arrow, I placed an accentuation on the chapter and lodge levels, but there are more chances even beyond that. Each member of the Order of the Arrow has the right and privilege to become a part of sectional, regional, or even national Leadership. With the 2013 Section Conference in our wake, many may leave wondering what lies beyond the lodge level, and those who are curious enough should know.


Within each Section of the Order of the Arrow, there are three officers, the Section Chief, Vice-Chief, and Secretary. Within S-4, there is also a Section Historian, which is unique to our section. The main responsibilities on this level are to organize the Section events that must occur, namely Section Conference and Section Seminars. The overseeing of Section Conference is put under the direct responsibility of the chief, Section Seminars is headed by the vice-chief, and the secretary’s and historian’s jobs lie within both, judging competitions at the conference and maintaining a major role within the seminars, as well as publishing regular newsletters for the viewing of all lodges within the section. Among other responsibilities of section officers are to create a monitoring/mentoring relationship with its lodges and provide leadership development opportunities. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the Section Chief to attend the National Planning Meeting each year in Irving, Texas.


At the National Planning Meeting, the National Officers (National Chief, Vice-Chief, and Region Chiefs) are elected by the Section Chiefs of the Nation. At this meeting, this moderately sized group of youth becomes the conference committee for – and is placed in charge of – the national event of the year, whether ArrowCorps, a National Jamboree, or a NOAC. The responsibilities of these national officers are defined by this national event and each is responsible for providing the opinion of the youth to the National and Regional Order of the Arrow Committees and speaking as representatives of our program on a national level.


Conclusively, the Order of the Arrow is full of opportunities and chances for success. Whether your ultimate goal is to create is better chapter, lodge, region, or nation of the Order of the Arrow is your choice. As I previously discussed opportunities within the chapter and lodge, it is only fitting to share the many chances one has for success even within the section, region, and the nation. Everyone has this opportunity as an equal member of the Order of the Arrow, and the rest of the members eagerly await the unveiling of your vision of what you want to accomplish within the Order.