Founder's Award

March 17, 2016


Echockotee Lodge,


Nominations have now opened for the Founder’s Award. This recognition was introduced at the 1981 National Order of the Arrow Conference in order to recognize those who memorialize in their everyday life the spirit of achievement and cheerful service as described by founder E. Urner Goodman and cofounder Carroll A. Edson. It is awarded for exemplary service to the lodge. This is the highest recognition that can be awarded on the lodge level.


Any member of Echockotee Lodge who is in good standing (dues paid) is eligible for consideration for the Founder’s Award. Please take a moment to consider those who you see in Echockotee Lodge who have left a strong legacy that will last for years to come, those who strive in cheerful service, and those who truly create a stronger lodge for the development of our members. Founder’s Award nominations are due on Friday, March 26, 2016 by mail or electronically to the information listed on the nomination form. I highly encourage you to assist us in recognizing some of our brothers for their outstanding dedication to Echockotee Lodge.


Get the form here!


In Witahemui,


Cole Gabriel

Founder’s Award Selection Chairman