ArrowTour Recap

July 10, 2015


ArrowTour is one of many programs and initiatives that comprise a year-long celebration of the Order of the Arrow's centennial anniversary. On July 10th, a delegation of 6 youth Arrowmen travelled to Camp Shands to bring our national centennial experience to Scouts, Arrowmen, and our community. And what a great time it was!


Even withstanding three torrential downpours and a significant weather advisory, the ArrowTour crew and Echockotee Lodge kept up the fun! Take a look at some of the pictures below if you weren't able to come out!


In addition to ArrowTour, Echockotee Lodge hosted a banquet to recognize 10 Arrowmen who stood out in service over the past century. By their selfless service to Echockotee Lodge, and by leaving a legacy that others are sure to follow, these 10 individuals were bestowed with the one-time recognition of the Centurion Award. The recipiants are:

  • Courtney Allen
  • Jack Butler
  • Allan Grinnan
  • Chris Hume
  • Don Kreitzman
  • Dick Leonard
  • Nicholas Leonard
  • Todd Leonard
  • Kelly Roberts
  • Alexander Williams

These men are prime examples of leading a life of cheerful service!