Fall Fellowship 2016

September 25, 2016


In the wizardry world of Echockotee Lodge, magic was used far and wide as Arrowmen participated in the Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings themed Fall Fellowship. In attendance, there were 357 Arrowmen, including 49 new Ordeal members and 38 new Brotherhood members. Games were held at the Camp Shands waterfront, and Arrowmen used the canoes and participated in some watermelon water polo.


At the lodge business meeting, three Echockotee Lodge Arrowmen were recognized with the Founder's Award, which recognizes Arrowmen who have given outstanding service to their lodge. The award is reserved for an Arrowman who demonstrates that he or she personifies the spirit of selfless service, as advocated by founder E. Urner Goodman and cofounder Carroll A. Edson. Congratulations to Zachary Morris, Chip Leonard, and John Steinmeyer on this noble award!


With spirit and attitude that ruled the other chapters, Timucuan went home with Sonic, the lodge spirit trophy!


Our next event will be Special Needs Camporee on October 23-25, 2016, at the St. Johns Riverbase at Echockotee. See you there!