What's New?

April 5, 2019

Amazing things have been happening here in Echockotee Lodge - have you been keeping up?

  • Section Conference is coming up soon on April 12th through 14th!!! It's always a blast so make sure to sign up!
  • After Section Conference, the next event is Spring Service Day on April 27th
  • Following that is Summer Fellowship at Camp Shands on May 17th-19th

Remember to keep updated with recent information on echockotee.org, as well as our Facebook page, facebook.com/echockotee!

If you have a Twitter account, give @echockotee a follow for instant updates on information as it happens! Check out our Instragram, too: @echockotee!

Be sure to make all payments toward fellowships and section events at the council office (checks and cash preferred)!