OA Leadership

In the Order of the Arrow, there is ample opportunity for you to grow as a leader. Join a committee, or run for a chapter or lodge office! Believe it or not, there are even opportunities past the lodge level. Read on to learn about the breakdown of the OA, as well as only some of the leadership opportunities each provides.


Each local Boy Scout council is encouraged to have an Order of the Arrow lodge. Each lodge is granted a charter from the National Council, BSA, upon annual application. The OA lodge helps the local council provide a quality Scouting program through recognition of Scouting spirit and performance, development of youth leadership and service, promotion of Scout camping and outdoor programs, and enhancement of membership tenure.


An Order of the Arrow section consists of lodges within a geographic area of the region. For instance, Echockotee Lodge is located in Section S-4, which makes up more-or-less the state of Florida. Once every year, representatives of lodges in the section come together for an event called Section Conference to share in fellowship, skills, and training. A section is lead by three youth officers: the Section Chief, Section Vice Chief, and Section Secretary, who are advised by an adult Section Adviser and professional Section Staff Adviser.

National Leadership

Together, each region chief, the national vice chief, and the national chief make up the national leadership of the OA.

The region chief is the youth leader of the region elected by the section chiefs in his region. This election is held in conjunction with all section chiefs at the National Planning Meeting, which occurs at the end of each year to elect the national chief and vice chief, as well as to plan a national Order of the Arrow event.

The region Order of the Arrow chairman is an adult appointed by the region director. The professional adviser for the region is a staff member assigned to the position by the region director.

The national chief and vice chief are Arrowmen elected by the section chiefs during the annual National Planning Meeting. They serve as members of the national Order of the Arrow committee, providing the opinion of youth on national OA policy. They also serve as the presiding officers for the national OA event. Their term of office is specified by the national committee, and is currently one year. They are advised in their responsibilities by the national committee chairman and national director of the Order of the Arrow.

The national OA committee chairman is appointed by the chairman of the national Boy Scout committee. The professional adviser is the national director of the Order of the Arrow, a member of the national Boy Scout Division staff.

Within the national leadership, there are many committees Arrowmen can join. From communications to training, there are always openings to join national committees! Contact the Lodge Chief or Section Chief if you express interest in furthering your leadership skills!

Learn more about the OA at www.oa-bsa.org!